The Archive consists of paintings that have been sold into private collections. A small number are not for sale.

They are presented by series. Press on relevant links to view each page.

These paintings are from work undertaken in response to the theme of separation. This word can be interpreted in many ways, but I have taken it to refer to the striving we experience as human beings to separate ourselves from others and become an individual. This can be both an exciting as well as a painful process. It is also painful when others separate from us.
Austerity can be interpreted as an economic imposition or as ascetic practice. In this series I have tried to capture an essence of both deprivation and simplicity. I use process and experimentaion with oil paint and other media to express this concept.  
These are mixed media paintings of abstracted imagined landscapes. ​These paintings started  with mono-type screen printing and were further worked with oil bars, collage and stitching.
Here I explore the theme of displacement, transiency and cultural identity, deploying paint as a metaphor to capture the perspective of an existential migrant. This process reflects the nuanced themes of being an outsider, where certainty, familiarity and sense of cultural identity are challenged. 
This series is a collection of, mainly abstract, studies that are small experimental works designed to try out and develop particular media and techniques of mark-making.